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Today’s architectural environment demands more than just keeping the moisture out and letting the air in. Louvers provide a visual aesthetic benefit as well as functional one. The demand specifications have increased for performance and design. What you need is not just an adequate solution, but a superb one.

That’s what we provide.

US Louvers & Vents, means quality, longevity, and value. All are hallmarks of our entire line of products. US Louver is one of the leading manufactures of vents and louvers. Founded in 1984 on the principles of quality and value, US Louvers and Vents have lived up to their name in every way. All of our Louvers and Vents are designed to provide superior performance and pleasing appearance. Every one is manufactured to your specifications by our experienced engineers and professional staff, and each is backed by US Louver’s commitment to excellence.

US Louver specializes in fulfilling unique design challenges.

Whether it’s a new construction requirement for custom coverings of the air intake and exhaust openings to be protected with architecturally compatible louvers, or louvers, or louvers created to enhanced the overall exterior aesthetics of an existing building façade, US Louver will manufacture exactly the product you need.

US Louver’s design team works with you and your team to provide the right solutions for the numerous opening you need to address. From blade spacing, or modified louver head and blade design. US Louvers can engineer the solution and even provide the architectural trim to blend in with the window frames in any adjacent openings to ensure proper performance.

US Louvers was established in 1984 under Superb Vents, Inc. to provide top quality build-to-spec fabrications. With highly innovative custom foundation vents and architectural fabrication that included and curved louvers, curve-face compound angled louvers. At US louvers, client satisfaction is not everything, it is the only thing.